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can sorter

Technical Specifications

Can Sorter

Collections of cans are made in order to recycle it, and are mostly made of steel. In such a situation when we need to separate the cans made of steel from a mixture of steel and aluminum cans, we are in need of a magnetic separator, having the potential of efficiently separating off steel cans with no sacrificing of the cans made of aluminum. The machine of can sorter is designed in such a manner so that it can be easily incorporated in the process of separation of cans. The economic value of steel and aluminum is much in the market, which helps in overcoming the cost of the can sorter machine in short time. Sorter of Can helps in separating aluminum and steel beverage can for further use. In case you face any problem in using the machine to sort, the service team of ADVANCE HYDRAU-TECH PVT LTD is available for supporting you in the time of need being the leader in the industry.