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Leader in Scrap Processing Machines in Europe

Scrap emanating while processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals were considered a waste all over Europe till the 1960s. There emerged two individual Italians to show the world that by appropriate processing of these scrap metals factories can resolve their raw-material input deficiencies. Thus C.E.G. was born as innovative leader to show as Shears and Presses manufacturers under the brand name “Taurus” that not only European countries but the whole world including Asian continent can benefit by their scrap metal processing equipments.

Today Taurus is known for Shear balers, box shears, car balers, Compact Shears and compact balers that are used most profitably by many Heavy Industries in Alloy and Metal manufacturing factories. These heavy duty Industrial metal processing machines help converting metal scraps into newer products without compromising on the basic material specification and metal strength to formulate new metal products, big, medium and small for an array of usages. The success story of Taurus in growing from strength to strength in the manufacture of highly-sophisticated machineries over the decades is commendable.

Considering the long distance from the world countries that buy these models of the high-tech machineries, Taurus has delegated authority for the tasks of undertaking erection, commissioning and after-sales service to other prominent entities in this field. For this they forge solid alliance with technically-sound heavy engineering companies like Advance Hydrau-tech in India.

Thus it is no exaggeration to say that Taurus with their heavy duty metal processing machines are helping the world-countries in re-generating ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials of highest quality specifications for solving their production problems.

Taurus Products

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Advance collaborated with Taurus

Directors Speak – Forging Alliance with Taurus

It is with immense pleasure we announce the proliferation of a New Era in the life and activities of our Company – Advance Hydrautech Private Limited. Yes – we refer to the collaboration between Taurus in Italy and AHTPL in India. By forging this profitable alliance between the two companies, a whole new chapter gets opened up in the supply, maintenance and servicing of Heavy Duty Metal Shears and Presses for all end-users in the Asian sub continent.

As far Taurus are concerned, they are the world leaders in manufacture and supply of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap processing equipments. Starting in the 1960s by two Italian individuals as a machine shop, Taurus had a small beginning as in the case of AHTPL in India. Today, the specialty Compact Shears, balers find their way to many a metal processing factories of the world. These machineries help them resolve their acute shortage of high-quality raw materials by re-processing metal scraps.

Advance Hydrau-tech will undertake, by virtue of this collaboration with Taurus, the responsibility of erection, commissioning, installation and after-sales servicing of these high-tech machineries all over the Asian continent. AHTPL with the expertise gained by years of experience in the same field of manufacturing heavy-duty machines for metal processing will find it easier to render valuable after sales service – including supply and fitting of spare parts as and when needed at the end-user factories in Asia.

Thus, we are glad to inform our Company AHTPL, Taurus and all the end-user companies will stand to benefit overall by economical re-usage of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals.