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Baler is used to compress scrap material and converted into bundles. We are high quality scrap bundling machine and hydraulic baler manufacturer in India. Advance Hydrau-Tech take great pride in having maintained an important place in the industry for our heavy duty, fully automated and PLC controlled hydraulic scrap bundling press. We recognize the importance of quality and durability and hence carefully select the components and sub assemblies before installing in our machines which meet the industrial standards in all manner. The hydraulic Scrap baling machines that we manufacture are rugged, adequately fabricated and are well tested for the particular type of scrap (both ferrous and non-ferrous wastes) it is manufactured for.

Industry owners’ world-wide look out for ways that can efficiently convert industrial waste into useful material and eliminate scrap through recycling. All the industrial processes produce scrap whose treatment becomes extremely precarious. However, the scrap formation varies in type and size, and depends on the industrial or manufacturing unit and its location. Thus, it becomes extremely significant to have an effective solution for converting scrap into resource by implementing top-notch technology and expertise to achieve the same.

Through our years of vast industry experience, we manufacture the best quality scrap compactor machines that help in compressing the scrap significantly while making it easier to transport. Our advanced technology oriented scrap compactors produce uniform sized bundles of scrap with high density which makes the transportation of large amount of scrap not only easier but highly cost effective too. Our baling machines are highly proficient in baling scrap metal, cardboard as well as paper and plastic. Our range of balers includes Single Action, Double Action, Triple Action balers, Continuous balers, Vertical balers and Mobile balers.

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