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Shredding System

Advance Hydrautech Pvt Ltd. is regarded as the top company in manufacturing loose metal scrap shredding systems worldwide. This shredding systems is best suitable for aluminum, brass, casting and tense scrap. We construct shredding plant of extensive demand in our market of safety, top performance and low maintenance. We make shredding plant put together, fabrication assisted under the supervision of creative experts utilizing finest quality mechanism and contemporary art of technology in a match with the market standard. With changing times, we have the latest advanced technology and methods with the changing business culture. We have adapted a customer friendly approach, providing customized ways to maximize profits. We offer after sales service, making it without delay and well known for maintaining a long-term relationship..

Scrap Processing/Recycling

Industries constantly produces regularly large amount of scrap that should be recycles. The recycling of materials starts with the collections of waste metal. The way the metal is processed depends on the size, density, and purity of the scrap metals.

The process is as follows :

  • Shearing
  • This process involves the actual cutting of material and sorting. This is done by using magnets, separators and depends on the efficiency of the sharpness of the cutting edges.

  • Tearing
  • It’s a process separating the material with force. At times, the materials to set apart are more tear-able than others. The built in technology of tearing reduces is good making small and uniform particle not important

  • Fracturing
  • This process makes some materials to break or shatter in the shredder if the cutters aren’t loose. While something breaks it releases energy like an explode, at times pushing it upwards into ones face. It is always advisable to wear a face protection gear.

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