Scrap Compactor – How Your Waste Turn into New Source of Profit

Baling Press Machine

Scrap Compactor or Baling Press is the process of pressing the waste and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes very different in form from their original state. This process mainly includes compaction. The density and volume of the waste varies widely depending on the industry and the location where the industry is located. The benefit that one acquires through the compaction of the waste depends on the kind of the waste that is compacted.

The waste that is not compacted is not good for an industry as it occupies much space. A dumpster of 8 yard is approximately equivalent to 1616 gallons that means that a dumpster of 8 yards can roughly have 30 bags of 50 gallons each that contains loose and non compacted waste. It can contain much more bags if the waste is compacted.

A baler is a piece of farm and industrial machinery used to compress and cut raked crops and convert them to compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. This baler is also used in metal and plastic industry to compress waste and convert them to new source of profit. The compactors that are used in metal and iron industries to compact the waste are known as metal balers.

Trash compactors are available in various forms such as metal balers, commercial trash compactors, and outdoor trash compactors, baling presses, high rise compactors, compacting dumpsters, stationery compactors, hydraulic balers, pre-crushers, speciality compactors and many more. Compactors can be used for automatic compaction for both outdoor and indoor purposes. A commercial trash compactor is helpful in reducing the costs of waste disposal and also the compressed product can be sold at good prices mainly in the case of metal industry. The compressed wastes of the metal industry are sold at higher prices as compared to the loose and uncompressed waste.

Size Holding Capacity Associated with Trash Compactors

The size holding capacity of the compactors depends from industry to industry and varies in size depending on the area of their usage. They differ in size ratio such as: The indoor trash compactor and the outdoor compactor have the ratio of 15 to 1 approximately. The hydraulic baler is one of the widely used balers that are used for the purpose for waste compaction.

There is a compaction ratio that needs to be applied in case of compaction of loose waste. It is important to maintain the proper ratio while compaction. To maintain this ratio properly we have baling press which is much helpful to carry this process in a perfect manner. Use of the proper compaction ratio is helpful in the derivation of basic products from it. As it is known that the densities and the air content associated with different kinds of waste differ so it is important to know and calculate the proper ratio that is to be used depending on the densities.

After the process of compaction, the compacted trash comes down according to the ratio of 20 to1 approximately, that is in the form of cubes. This is much helpful in reducing the volume occupied by the waste.  By doing so, we also get a good value of the compressed waste.

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