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Scrap Shredder

This Shredder is made to shred any sort of metal scrap into small pieces. This is a Hammer Type Shredder with robust design, having heavy-duty bearing, bearing blocks, rotor assembly, hammer & sieve.

The rotor assembly is of compact design & consists of, rows of, swing hammers for breaking of cast aluminum scrap (Tense). The beaters are made out of special alloy material to withstand the impact of breaking of aluminum scrap.

The sieve is also casted of special manganese material & is of sufficient thickness to sustain the impact of breaking of aluminum scrap. The size of the sieve is 100 x 115 mm.

The aluminum scrap is hammered repeatedly until they are of the size, which can pass through the sieve.

The shredder is provided with a set of Hydraulic Cylinders to lift the upper half of the shredder body for any maintenance and repair purpose. Also, there is a provision to lift the rotor assembly along with the upper half body, incase of any maintenance work to be carried out on the sieve. It can also help in clearing any jammed material in the sieve.