What is the typical workflow in an advanced aluminium shredding system?

With the advent of technology, the face of recycling has changed a lot. Presently, heavy duty industrial sorting and shredding machines are available in the market, which can drastically improve this industrial filtering process to produce better quality recycled aluminium.

Advance Hydrau Tech Pvt Ltd is one of the well-known manufacturers of shredding systems with a global presence. Our versatile machines are compatible with multiple metal types including aluminium, brass, and copper.

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The workflow of our aluminium sorting and shredding system is like this:

Aluminium scrap, primarily zorba is subjected to sorting. This removes other metals and impurities from aluminium scrap. Once the aluminium fractions are segregated, they are fed into aluminium shredder for shredding, that is, they are sheared into smaller parts and hammered to make loose balls. These balls then make their way into a magnetic conveyor which separates the aluminium from ferrous scraps like nuts and bolts and in case of UBC’s (used beverage cans), they are fed into can sorter. For further purification, the shredded aluminium scrap is sometimes made to pass through multiple eddy current separators or simply sorted using hands. This elaborate five-step process: segregation – shearing – hammering – magnetic conveyor sorting – separation using eddy current separators – manual sorting, ensures that the aluminium scrap obtained is smelter-ready and will yield high-purity secondary aluminium.