TMR Mixer

TMR Mixer

A popular method of feeding dairy cattle is the total mixed ration or TMR. With our experience and expertise, we build this specialist agricultural machine to give you the best results. Our TMR mixer helps in making a homogenous mixture of cattle feed by mixing together roughage and concentrate along with the right amount of binding liquid or molasses.A weighing machine is used to measure the ingredients that are loaded into this TMR mixer.


Our industrial-grade TMR mixers help in preparing rations that meet the desired nutritional requirements of the dairy animals. A good mixer set up in a fodder block plant uniformly blends different types of feeds to meet the varied nutritional needs of animals without losing their actual property. 

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Our TMR Mixers consist of a special mixing ribbon to mechanically mix a variety of feeds into a well-balanced ration. Since the roughage and the concentrates are of varied densities, a binding material or molasses is used to bind the two together.Our TMR mixers blend all the particles uniformly, irrespective of the particle size, moisture content, and bulk densityof the feed block. This ensures that whether one pulls out the sample at the start, mid or end of the unloading process, all are the same. Thus, there is no significant difference in the feed, which means a homogeneous ration for all the animals to be fed.


Batch Size Kg 800
Mixing Time Minutes 12 to 15
Electric Motor hp 20
Over All Dimensions (HxWxL) inches 96x90x225


* Specifications are indicative and are subject to change as per customer’s requirement and technical advancements.
* Accessories shown in the image are not necessary to form part of the actual machine
* All dimensions, weights and cycle time mentioned are approximate.
* Output depends on the type of the scrap material fed, feed rate and operator skills

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