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Scrap Shear Balers/ Box Shear can be termed as the most universal scrap processing techniques in the sense that it can be used for processing all types of scraps (be it scrap from steelworks (HMS 1 and HMS 2), copper or aluminum waste, metal scrap from demolitions or discarded automobile scrap, military scrap, scrap from rail works or scrap ship). All kinds of light or heavy and bulky scrap can be easily converted into high density bales using Box Shear specially developed by Advance Hydrau Tech.

The bulky scrap is first fed into the charge box of the Compact Shear machine with the help of a crane or grab. Our charge box or sizer box is lined with a special Hardox 400 plate, a more abrasive resistant steel than simple liners. The high volume scrap is then compressed with left and the right wings and forms a loose bale in the form of a box. The pusher then moves the scrap forward to the throat of the shear where it is clamped and cut into smaller parts. This high density and less voluminous scrap, thus reduces the cost of transportation and smelting and helps speed up the furnace charging. The machine is fully automatic and PLC controlled.

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