Car Baler

Car Baler

As the name suggests, a car baler is one of the most ELV (End of life vehicle) recycling machines that is used to compact cars, car bodies, used cars, old cars, auto bodies, truck body parts, bus body parts, and unusable vehicles. Its main function is to compress and produce solid high-density bundles for recycling. The Advance Hydrau Tech’s manufacturing car baler machine is quite large and is used in conjunction with a crane to load old cars into the baling chamber for bundling. As soon as the bales are created, they can be stacked for storage or transported.

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We are India’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of baling machines for metal, ELV, and waste processing. Our company manufactures and installs a wide range of ELV recycling machines in India. Furthermore, many reputed automobile companies have installed our car baler in their ELV recycling plants. In addition to its unique features, our car baler requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with a technical mechanism.


Our expertise lies in manufacturing 9000+ Machines with 43+ Years of experience to design machines that perfectly suit India’s unique requirements. Our scrap processing machines have been installed in almost 90 countries around the world.

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Are you a manufacturer of ELV Recycling Machines?

Yes we are a leading manufacturer of end of life vehicle recycling machines. We have installed our machines for old  cars baling purposes in a reputed recycling plant. Advance Hydrau Tech will guide you in choosing the best machine required for your end of life vehicle processing.


What are the different types of scrap that can be processed?

Our solutions for all types of metal scrap, waste, agro and elv scrap W are machine manufacturer for different types of scrap. Our waste and scrap processing machines can process nearly all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material. We have automatic baler which can process the waste like be paper, plastic, cardboard, MSW, garbage our machines


What do I need to install the car baler machines?

Our team of experts will educate you regarding all minimal prerequisites for installing our car balers. 


What are the service requirements of the machine?

To ensure safe, correct and up-to-date operation, annual maintenance is required. Our machines will be serviced by our technicians as and when required. Our machines have a long life.

How much would the machine, its installation, and training cost me?

An Advance Hydrau-Tech consultant will inform you of the costs involved with the installation of the baler or any other elv recycling machines you require. It’s our priority to ensure that you get the best return on investment possible. 


What are all the skills required to operate a baler manufactured by Advance Hydrau-Tech?
The skills required to operate an Advance Hydrau-Tech baler are minimal. Our machines are easy to operate. Experts from our team will ensure that your key employees are trained in and informed of the workings of our machine. Since our training is simple and quick, anyone can be trained in operating an Advance HydrauTech machine.

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