Scrap Charging Trolley

Scrap Charging Trolley

Our scrap charging trolley is a specially designed wheeled carrier to convey scrap metal to a furnace or furnaces and unloading it in a minimum length of time. It is especially useful in cases where loss of heat that results from delays in conveying material from one place to other is a factor of extreme importance.


The scrap charging trolley is built with boxes that can carry material to and from the furnace and transfer material by rapidly tilting the boxes in a controlled manner. These scrap charging trolleys are built to be durable, sturdy, and to suit unique customer needs. They help shorten the time and energy required for a process – thus bringing down the cost. They also allow for mechanized control – thus reducing dependence on workers.

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We are India's largest manufacturer of scrap processing machines and known for our high quality machines in scrap recycling industry. We are introducing one of our product scrap charging Trolly which is manufactured by our team of production, under skillful engineers.


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