Vertical Briquetting Machine

Vertical Briquetting Machine

We are hydraulic briquetting machine manufacturer in India. Our vertical metal chip briquetting press machine is a highly advanced and heavy duty machine that offers best performance and highly dense briquettes from metal waste generated through the machining processes. We can customise briquetting press to handle different capacities and a variety of metals including steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, copper, and more.


The loose scrap generated from the manufacturing/machining process such as turnings, filings, chips and shavings, take up valuable floor space and pose safety issues. To maintain a clean and safe workplace, our highly advanced and robust vertical briquetting press can handle a variety of metals such as aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, etc. 

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Making use of the latest technology, our vertical briquetting press compacts the metal dust or chips into highly dense and dry briquettes. Briquetting your loose scrap reduces the volume by as much as 90%, adding more value to scrap when selling. At the same time, it makes it  more economical and efficient for melting. Briquettes made by our machine help you have an easier time with storing and transporting metal scrap. 



  • High pressure, high yield
  • Low energy consumption
  • HMI PLC controlled
  • Online Chiller
  • In feed hopper
Briquette Size Units 3" Dia 4" Dia 5" Dia
Length of the Briquette inches 1.5-3 (V) 2-4 (V) 3-5 (V)
Productivity Briquettes/ hour 180-220 180-220 180-220
Weight of Briquette (Al) Kg 0.3-0.6 1-1.5 2-4
Weight of Briquette (Iron) Kg 0.5-1.2 3-4.5 5-8
Motor hp 50 hp 60 hp 75 hp


* Specifications are indicative and are subject to change as per customer’s requirement and technical advancements.
* Accessories shown in the image are not necessary to form part of the actual machine.
* All dimensions, weights and cycle time mentioned are approximate.
* Output depends on the type of the scrap material fed, feed rate and operator skills.

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