Agriculture Waste

Agriculture waste, otherwise called agro-waste, is comprised of crop waste (corn stalks, sugarcane bagasse, drops and culls from fruits and vegetables, prunings), food processing waste (only 20% of maize is canned and 80% is waste), animal waste (manure, animal carcasses), and hazardous and toxic agricultural waste (pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, etc). According to an estimate, 700 million tonnes of organic waste either gets burned or ends up in landfills in India. Not only is it harmful for the environment but isalso a loss of a resource. Using our agriculture waste recycling equipment, you can generate wealth from your waste. The bulkiness and huge volume of agricultural waste creates logistical issues when it comes to its transportation and storage. Our highly efficient baler compresses the bulky waste and eliminates the inconvenience involved. A drying mechanism also reduces the volume of the wet waste. Our versatile mechanisms and machines are the perfect solution for recycling agriculture waste.

Advantages of Agricultural Waste Management Technology:

  • Availability of balanced and nutritious feed for cattle
  • Time and labour saving
  • Cheaper and easier to transport fodder blocks and other waste
  • Can help in checking environmental pollution by prevention of burning the agro-waste
  • Easy and convenient storage of bulky feeds possible
  • Better returns to the animal keeper
  • Waste to wealth: generation of organic fuel options
  • Opportunity to export cattle fodder to countries where agricultural produce is less


Equipment For Processing Agriculture Waste

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