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Horizontal Briquetting Machine

Horizontal Briquetting Machine

Advance Hydrau Tech’s horizontal briquetting machine is designed to turn fine or loose particles and residues into hard, dense briquettes or pucks. It comes with a large hopper and can produce 220-240 briquettes per hour depending on the material and feeding speed. The size of the briquettes or pucks can be customized to your specific material handling requirement.


Our horizontal briquetting machine is the ideal solution for getting high-quality briquettes from a variety of metals such as steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper, etc.


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Our horizontal chip briquetting press gives out briquettes or scrap pucks of the highest density, which are easier to handle and give better value on re-melting. A higher metal yield means a higher efficiency. Our high efficiency single ram presses are easy to operate and install. A robust design and build means that our machines are low maintenance.  



  • High pressure, high yield
  • Low energy consumption
  • HMI PLC controlled
  • Online Chiller

Large volume of In-feed hopper reduces time and effort

Briquette Size Units 3" Dia 4" Dia
Length of the Briquette inches 1.5-3 (V) 2-4 (V)
Productivity Briquettes/ hour 180-220 180-220
Weight of Briquette (Al) Kg 0.3-0.6 1-1.5
Weight of Briquette (Iron) Kg 0.5-1.2 3-4.5
Motor hp 50 hp 60 hp

* Specifications are indicative and are subject to change as per customer’s requirement and technical advancements.
* Accessories shown in the image are not necessary to form part of the actual machine.
* All dimensions, weights and cycle time mentioned are approximate.
* Output depends on the type of the scrap material fed, feed rate and operator skills.

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