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One of the most valuable and recycled materials in the world is metal scrap. Metal scrap can be recycled again and again without any deterioration in its value or properties. The recycling of metal not only has a financial incentive but is also beneficial for the environment since it reduces the need for extraction of natural resources and promotes a culture of reuse and renewability.

In India, scrap metal collection is in its primitive stage. Scrap collectors or ragpickers in India don’t possess the knowledge and awareness required to sort and clean metal scrap. Hence, scrap traders have to deal with metal scrap mixed with lots of impurities. Proper infrastructure for scrap processing will not only improve the efficiency of scrap traders but can also help manufacturing companies of the metal industry make profits off the scrap they generate.

Advance Hydrau-Tech builds scrap metal recycling equipment such as metal balers, shears, briquetting machines, shredders, nibblers and various material handling equipment which are used to process metal scrap. Highly efficient and innovative, our wide range of machines can process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, iron, copper, and alloys such as brass, bronze, steel, etc.

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