A great machine deserves great Customer Service!

We understand that your equipment is your capital and thus, it is important that
it remains functional at all times. To meet this requirement, we offer the
following support services with 40 years of domain expertise. Our responsive
after sales service sets us apart from the competition. We respond to your
requests with expert care and promptness.

Installation & Training

In order to utilize the machine to its full potential, it is important that it is installed and operated correctly. During the installation, the operator from your team is trained to efficiently operate the machine and provide maintenance. We educate and provide guidelines to your people to performregular maintenance activities in order to prevent downtime. With Advance Hydrau Tech machines and solutions, you are investing in quality equipment, local service and complete support to achieve the desired goals efficiently.

Spares & Parts

We maintain a large inventory of all spares and parts that might be required by our clients. We carry on manufacturing of most of the parts in-house. These are made from best quality raw material using thoroughly tested manufacturing techniques, so our clients can be rest assured of the quality. For other parts, we maintain a stock of originals from trusted vendors around the globe. We constantly work towards improving the designs of our components to offer long service life and help optimize the performance of your machine.


Through our years of experience, we also provide consultancy services to our clients, to achieve optimal productivity with improvements in scrap processing. Whether you want to set up a new plant or need help to optimize performance and increase profitability, we can help you with our strong domain expertise in the recycling industry.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer sound service support through our trained field technicians. They will help resolve the issue with expertise in a timely manner and help optimize performance of the machine. To avoid downtime by proactive issue avoidance and prevention, we insist on opting for our AMC. We offer our customers customized maintenance contracts, to limit maintenance costs, avoid downtime and improve safety.

Benefits of Advance AMC at a glance

Preventive Maintenance

50,000 Different Spares in Stock

Improve safety

100 % Genuine Parts

Verified Trained professionals

On-Time Assistance

Practical Experience Of 40 Years

Optimization Of Production

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