Metal Recycling

Metal Recycling

To make the intricate process of metal recycling easy and highly efficient, Advance Hydrau Tech designs and manufactures a variety of metal scrap recycling machines. Our new-age machines can process any amount of metal scrap, whether ferrous or non-ferrous. They are a product of innovative research and expansive experience in the field and are built to last.


Our huge inventory of metal recycling machines includes (but is not limited to) the following:


How can association with Advance Hydrau-Tech help your business?


Scrap processing is still at a nascent stage in India. A lot of scrap dealers receive impure scrap which hurts productivity and profits. Numerous benefits are associated with the proper processing of scrap. By compacting metal scrap of huge volume through baling, shearing, shredding, or briquetting, its transportation and storage becomes easy.It creates space by helping in reducing landfill and is an environment protection endeavour as well.It is a sustainable and profit-generating business that has no dearth of raw material. It generates employment and helps you create a more circular economy. Large-scale metal-based manufacturers such as white goods, automobile manufacturers, et al. can increase their profit margins by investing in scrap processing.

What are the major metal recycling products and solutions of Advance Hydrau-Tech?


Our major products include metal balers, shredders box shears, continuous shears, alligator shears, briquetting machines and nibblers. We provide a consultancy service to optimize production in metal recycling set-ups and to help build a new recycling plant. We build custom solutions for the unique scrap processing requirements of our clients.


Advance Hydrau-Tech implements the CSSD Framework (Cleaning, Sorting, Sizing, and Densification) to process scrap. The CSSD framework saves energy and helps achieve higher productivity through a better yield.



Our scrap processing involves 4 steps: Sorting, Cleaning, Sizing, and Densification.

Sorting separates the required metal scrap from mixed waste materials. It can be done using the magnetic properties or manually by observing material, colour, or weight.

Cleaning involves removing unwanted material from the metal scrap such as dust, rust, non-metallic materials like fabric, etc.  It increases the purity of the metal scrap

Sizing and Densification are done to reduce the volume of scrap material that will go into melting. Sizing is done according to the size of the furnace. For sizing and densification, balers, shredders, shears and briquetting machines are used.

Metal Recycling Machines

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