Triple Action Baler

Triple Action Baler

The compressing action of  Triple action metal baler works on the metal scrap from three directions. This efficient and powerful triple compression scrap baling press machine, compacts the metal scrap from the top, sideways and longitudinally resulting in highly dense and optimally compacted bales. Advance Hydrau Tech manufactures triple action Jumbo plus balers, Jumbo balers, mini balers depend upon the scrap quantity and requirement of the customer.


All the balers are ideal for customers looking to bale medium to large quantities of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, stainless steel, aluminium and copper scrap. Advance Hydrau Tech’s  metal baler (triple compression baler) is a heavy-duty fully automatic baler and can easily process up to 10 tons/hr of metal scrap. 

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The heavy-duty triple action baling press machine can be used to process a variety of materials including metal offcuts, machine chips, automobile skeletons, steel and aluminium used beverage cans (UBCs), LMS and CRC scrap, sheet, stampings, wires, tubing, and white goods.


Customer satisfaction with this three ram metal baler is guaranteed owing to its excellent operating costs, flexibility, and reliability. The technology used in our triple action baler allows for minimal power consumption while giving its maximum output which results in highly efficient operation. We can customize the bale size and density as per the customer’s requirement. The triple-action baler can produce bales of size ranging from 6”x6” up to 30”x30” and weighing 10 kg to 1 ton.




  • Low overall operating cost
  • High productivity 
  • Super high-density bales
  • Increased speed of movements 
  • Lower cycle times through the use of high-pressure pumps 
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Easy installation




  • Robust design
  • PLC-controlled
  • Available in automatic as well as semi-automatic variants
  • Highly efficient hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication system for minimum wear and tear
  • Online chiller for cooling the hydraulic oil so that machine can be run for long hours
  • Includes Check Valves and Limit Valves to avoid any accident
  • Replaceable wear-resistant plates supplied
  • Shearing blades on the edges of the top lid and chamber are available for shearing oversized material
  • Large volume of chargebox
  • Comes with wired remote control


Optional Features:


  • Additional scrap feeding hopper can be provided for enhancing the productivity of the baler
  • Multi-information PLC display for easy operation and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Customization of the Baling Press as per your specific requirements


Series Bale Size Bale Weight (MS, SS, Cu) Bale Weight (Al) Motor Cycle Time
Unit (Inches) (Kg) (Kg) (hp) (Seconds)
Mini 6 x6 10-16 4-6 30 55-60
8 x8 18-28 6-9 30 45-50
9 x9 25-40 8-13 30 45-50
10 x10 30-45 10-15 40 40-45
Super 12 x12 50-80 20-30 30 60-65
Jumbo Jumbo Ex 14 x14 70-100 30-40 40 60-65
15 x15 60-120 40-50 50 70-75
Jumbo Plus 18 x18 150-250 50-70 60 75-80
20 x20 200-350 65-100 40x2 90-100
24 x24 350-500 100-150 50x2 90-100
30 x30 800-1000 250-350 60x2 90-100



  • All the above models are available as Top Ejection, Turn Out and Side Ejection 
  • Air radiator for oil cooling
  • Feeding Hopper
  • Online Oil Filteration System
  • Wireless Remoter



* Specifications are indicative and are subject to change as per customer’s requirement and technical advancements.
* Accessories shown in the image are not necessary to form part of the actual machine.
* All dimensions, weights and cycle time mentioned are approximate.
* Output depends on the type of the scrap material fed, feed rate and operator skills.

How do I decide the model of the machine that I need?

Experts from Advance HydrauTech will guide you in choosing the machine based on your metal scrap processing requirements. The quantity of scrap, scrap material being used, space available and your budget, everything would be taken into consideration by our experts to help you get the best results out of your recycling process. 

Multiple models of our balers are available to cater to different types of customer requirements. No matter which one you choose, the highest efficiency and reliability is guaranteed.


What are the different types of scrap that can be processed?

Nearly all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap can be processed by the balers manufactured by Advance Hydrau Tech. Whether it is sheet metal scrap, car bodies, skeletal metal scrap, pipe, copper tubing, white goods, scrap electronics, aluminum scrap, copper scrap – balers manufactured by us can process anything.


What all do I need to install the machines?

Our team of experts will educate you regarding all minimal prerequisites for installing our balers. 

What are the service requirements of the machine?

To ensure safe, correct and up-to-date operation, annual maintenance is required. Our machines will be serviced by our technicians as and when required. Our machines have a long life. Some of our machines installed in the 1970s are still serviced by us. 


How much would the machine, its installation, and training cost me?

An Advance Hydrau-Tech consultant will inform you of the costs involved with the installation of the baler you require. It’s our priority to ensure that you get the best return on investment possible. 

What are all the skills required to operate a baler manufactured by Advance Hydrau-Tech?
The skills required to operate an Advance Hydrau-Tech baler are minimal. Our machines are easy to operate. Experts from our team will ensure that your key employees are trained in and informed of the workings of our machine. Since our training is simple and quick, anyone can be trained in operating an Advance HydrauTech machine.

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