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Agriculture Waste Recycling

Agriculture Waste Recycling

The agriculture sector of our country employs the highest number of people and is a major contributor to the economy. It is also one of the major waste generating industries. Agriculture waste is generated during harvesting as well as while processing the agriculture produce in factories. Improper management of agricultural waste leads to the pollution of air, water and ground. It is of great value as cattle fodder, fuel, compost and export item. Hence, it’s important to reuse and recycle agro-waste to obtain maximum benefits and also protect the environment.

Advance Hydrau Tech builds the best recycling equipment for agricultural waste and offers solutions to properly segregate, process and extract profit out of agricultural waste. A large quantity of agricultural waste such as wheat straw, rice husk, jute fibres, etc, is produced in India. We want to empower our customers with our agricultural waste management and recycling technology to reuse it.



Agriculture Waste Recycling Machines

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