Chip Briquetting Machine

Chip Briquetting Machine

Briquetting machines are used to make near solid, dry briquettes, which are also called cakes, tikkis or biscuits of scrap metal. These are best suited to process metal chips, loose turnings, and swarfs resulting from machining of a variety of metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, etc, and other special alloys. Briquetting machines enable the reuse of metal chips or metal dust by converting them into briquettes or scrap pucks, which are suitable for smelting. Our briquetting machines can be used to process a wide variety of metal dust. Converting scrap metal into briquettes makes them easy to melt. Itnot only increases the ease of transportation and storage, but also the scrap value.


Widely known for their quality, efficiency,and performance, Advance Hydrau Tech builds two types of chip briquetting machines – vertical and horizontal, to handle different capacities and scrap types.



  • Increased efficiency of melting
  • Increased value of small and loose metal scrap
  • Easier to store and transport briquettes or pucks
  • Cleaner shop floor 
  • Container load can be optimized


Types of Chip Briquetting Machine

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