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Grabs & Cranes

We offer robust, reliable, and fast grabs and cranes to help you upscale your recycling and scrap management. Grabs and cranes are used to feed the scrap into processing machines and to load the processed scrap in buckets for their transportation to recyclers/ melting units. Advance Hydrau Tech’s grabs and cranes are durable and easy to use. They are the perfect solution to all of your lifting problems. Our grabs and cranes are high-tech and possess a tough design which guarantees you efficient performance. They are easy to service, long-lasting and retain their efficiency throughout their functioning time. We can customize our grabs and cranes according to your needs.

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Hydraulic Grab


No. of Arms Lifting Capacity
4 150-250 Kg


Hydraulically Operated Revolving Tower Crane


Lifting Capacity Boom Length Revolving Angel
200-3500 Kg. 7.5 Mtr 180


Power Pack For Operating Grab & Crane With Chiller
Power Pack Consisting of:

A. Electric Motor, 30hp X 1440 Rpm
B. Suction Strainer, 1” Bsp
C. Breather Filter, Standard
D. Oil Drive, Axial Piston Pump   
E. Oil Level Gauge   
F. Ball Valve 
G. Oil Chiller 


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