Twin Shaft Shredder

Twin Shaft Shredder

Our twin shaft shredder or rotary shear has a heavy duty design that can be employed in the shredding of voluminous materials. It is ideal for the size reduction or pre-conditioning of difficult items like wooden pallets, cable drums, building blocks, and even sheets. Owing to its multitudes of applications, it is the market choice for the recycling industry. They are energy efficient and make use of two shafts to provide excellent output. These dual-shaft shredders are well-suited to stand alone operation or can be used for pre-shredding for further downstream processing.

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Based on the principle of low speed and high torque, twin shaft shredders are extremely versatile shredders that are designed to handle the recycling of a wide variety of bulky materials. They are easy to operate and require minimal supervision. Being significantly rugged with a strong support structure, these shredders are noted for their performance, durability, and reliability and are ideal for challenging applications. They can be equipped with feed conveyors and output conveyors, and can be easily integrated with existing equipment.





  • Sturdy machine
  • Energy efficient
  • Economical
  • High performance
  • Easy Maintenance
* Specifications are indicative and are subject to change as per customer’s requirement and technical advancements.
* Accessories shown in the image are not necessary to form part of the actual machine.
* All dimensions, weights and cycle time mentioned are approximate.
* Output depends on the type of the scrap material fed, feed rate and operator skills.

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