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In The Last 43 Years, Advance Hydrau Tech Has Built A Legacy Of Performance, Innovation, Quality, And Service To Become One Of The World’s Leading Providers Of Efficient And Innovative Waste Management And Recycling Solutions. Since Its Inception In 1981, Advance Hydrau Tech Has Grown To Become A Provider Of Recycling Solutions In Over 93 Countries. We Have Installed Requirement-based Bespoke Machines Of Individual Scales And Specifications Across Six Different Continents. Our Focus On Innovation, Quality Products, And Excellent Customer Experience During And After Sale Is Recognized And Lauded In The Industry.


We Are The Leading Producers Of A Range Of Machines Including Hydraulic Baler Machines, Shredders, Briquetting Machines, Nibblers, Shearing Machines, And Material Handling Equipment Such As Conveyors, Grabs And Cranes.

Our Experience Spanning Four Decades Enables Us To Provide Expert Guidance And Consultation To Our Clients In Relation To Their Need To Escalate Their Current Production Or To Build A New Setup In Order To Maximize ROI. We Believe In Fostering Long-lasting Work Relationships With Our Clients And Are Always There With The Best Industry Advice And Prompt After-sales Service.

Customer Focused Innovation

Our Mode Of Operation Is Entirely Client-centric. Our Team Of Experts Puts Forth Solutions After Analysing The Needs And Goals Of Our Clients. We Understand That Our Customers’ Needs Differ In Terms Of Scrap Type, Quality And Quantity, Therefore, We Build Customized Solutions For Each Of Our Clients. To Keep Up With The Times, We Build Machines And Solutions That Are Up-to-date With The Latest Technological Developments. We Have A Dedicated Research And Development Team That Builds Innovative Solutions Meant To Outperform The Existing Ones. We Serve Our Customers With Complete Dedication To Help Them Achieve Their Scrap And Waste Management Goals In A Cost-effective Manner.

Operational Excellence

We Build Quality Equipment And Implement Solutions With The Aim Of Optimizing Your Business’s Efficiency, Increasing Its Productivity, And Improving Your Profits. We Constantly Analyse Our Existing Products And Focus On Quickly Adopting New Technologies To Remain At The Top Of Our Industry. Our Reliable And Robust Machines Are Easily Scalable To Help Achieve Your Ambitious Production Goals While Ensuring Maximum Gains. We Understand The Critical Importance Of The Safety Of The Workplace And People. We Strictly Follow The Safety Regulations Laid Down By The Regulatory Authorities To Ensure That The Work Environment And The People Working With Our Solutions Remain Absolutely Safe. We Believe In Being Fully Dedicated To Our Projects And Take Pride In Employing The Best Practices.

Service Leadership

At Advance Hydrau Tech, We Believe In Prioritizing Our Customer’s Interest Over Everything Else. Hence, We Have An Active And Highly-responsive Support Team To Assist You With The Repair And Maintenance Of Your Machines. Our Relationship With Our Clients Does Not End With The Completion Of The Sale Process. It Is Just The Beginning Of A Long-term Commitment To Service. In The Initial Phase, We Help Our Clients By Installing The Equipment And Training Them In The Operation And Handling Of The Machine. We Provide Spares And Parts As They Tend To Wear After Long Usage. We Also Offer Maintenance Service Throughout The Lifecycle Of The Machine. The Robustness And Longevity Of Our Machines Are Reflected Through The Fact That We Are Still Servicing Our Two- Decades-old Machines. We Have A Unique Buyback Policy To Support Our Customers If They Are Seeking To Upgrade Their Machinery Or If They Do Not Need Them Anymore. We Combine Our Technical Expertise And Knowledge With Four Decades Worthof Experience To Offer You Consultancy Services To Improve Operational Efficiency And Productivity Through Scrap Processing Route.


Ecological And Environmental Challenges Necessitate Sustainable And Innovative Business Ideas. The Principle Of Sustainability Is Ingrained In The Culture Of Our Organization. Our Sustainability Agenda Focuses On Being A Responsible & Trusted Partner, And Harnessing Sustainable Productivity. At Advance Hydrau Tech, We Believe That The Key To Achieving Higher Levels Of Sustainable Development Lies In Newer, Better, And More Efficient Technologies. Sustainable Innovations Focus On Amplifying The Competitiveness Of Our Offerings Gained Through Increased Productivity As Well As Digitalization. We Invest A Lot Of Our Time And Resources To Make Our Technologies Modern, Up-to-date, And Economically Viable. We Also Seek To Optimize The Existing Machines And Plants To Make Them Sustainable. Our Solutions Generate Mass Employment, Thus Ensuring Social Sustainability. They Also Help The Local Economy By Reducing The Dependency On Imported Machines And Higher Profitability. Economic, Social, And Environmental Sustainability – Each Aspect Is Important To Us.

Our Leadership

Our leaders believe in impact, innovation, and integrity. We seek achieving desired results and creating a positive impact on society, improving technologies and team strength, and honouring our commitments in an honest manner.

Management Team

Our leaders believe in impact, innovation, and integrity. We seek achieving desired results and creating a positive impact on society, improving technologies and team strength, and honouring our commitments in an honest manner.

We are committed to creating local economic opportunity in every community, helping to unlock the environmental as well as the business potential of recycling by addressing our customers unique scrap and waste processing challenges.
Mr. Sudhir Gupta


At Advance Hydrau-Tech, we strive to make the process of recycling waste and creating a circular economy an economically profitable and environmentally viable one by offering a holistic solution to emerging concerns in processing scrap by using the latest well-researched technology.
Mr. Mukund Gupta


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