Mobile Baler

Mobile Baler

Looking to recycle and process ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap at different locations? Advance Hydrau Tech’s mobile balers are the solution for you. If you function from more than one site or provide scrap processing services remotely, a mobile baler is what you should choose for your baling operations. Our mobile balers are equipped with highly efficient hydraulic equipment that allows our customers to process scrap with a very low cost per ton ratio. Our mobile balers are easy to operate and give highly compact and dense bales.

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Our triple action mobile balers are used mainly to compress metal scrap from remote scrap yards

Baling Chamber Bale Size Bale Weight (MS) Bale Weight (ALU) Motor Cycle Time
30” X 38” X 74” (H X W X L) 15"x15" 60-120 Kgs  25-50 Kgs 50 HP 70 - 75 sec

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