Municipal Solid Waste

MSW Solid waste management is a universal issue that matters to every single person in the world. Over 90% waste is openly dumped or burned in most countries. Poorly managed waste is contaminating the world’s oceans, clogging drains, causing flooding, transmitting diseases, increasing respiratory problems from burning, harming animals that consume waste unknowingly, and affecting economy of every country.  Municipal solid waste (MSW) baler compact wastes generates from households and other municial locations where managing waste is really a big challenge 


Management of municipal solid waste will persist owing to the rise in the number of cities and urban population in India. Our advanced machines are field-proven to help reduce the costs of transportation of MSW which is usually high. We can build custom machines for our customers keeping in mind the space availability and the pollution norms of the area. Our innovative spirit is always on the hunt for new challenges, hence, we would be interested in working with our customers to develop a new portable or a large scale solution as per the demand.





Equipment For Processing Municipal Solid Waste

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