Scrap Baling Press – The Best Way to Recycle the Scrap

The scrap baler is one of the most effective products manufactured by the Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd. The company is a major manufacturer and exporter of the scrap processing machines. The company was established in the early 80’s and has over 35 years of experience in dealing with scrap processing manufacturing processes and goods. For the past 35 Years, the company has been manufacturing export quality Scrap Balers, hydraulic nibblers, briquette machines, shearing machines, agro waste machines and metal shredders.

Scrap Balers:

Scrap balers range around for a variety of functions that are needed to be met for different actions. They range from single action to double / triple action, continuous, vertical and mobile baler.

Balers normally have a sheer force of around 110 tons. This helps to provide the thrust to pressurise the waste and push it for the recycling process. The general weight of a baler is around 600-750 kg with a cycle time of 130 sec for single stroke, which is extremely effective in making the process rapid and with accuracy.

The fact that the scrap balers have been designed differently for different situations, they aid to survive under turbulence and still manage to recycle scrap with high effectiveness. Different technologies adapted by the company throughout these 35 years have allowed the service to become gradually extremely near to excellence.

The use of balers basically reduces waste levels to nearby zero leading to almost cent percentile waste recycling which is a big deal in our country where wastes are found in mathematical grand quantities.

The company’s excellence

Advance-Hydrau Tech Pvt. Ltd has been working its mind off to make sure that it stays as the leader when it comes to the export of the scrap processing machines. They deliver more than 700 machines worldwide with pretty great quality. The company has been winning and continues its winning run via consuming a number of awards for supreme quality and structure of its manufacturing goods. The company is extremely professional as they hire quality service engineers to take up the standard tasks making sure nothing stays off limit. This has paid off to increase the territory of the gala manufacturing company to every Indian state and it’s ready to be one of the best in abroad. Scraps balers have been an important manufacturing component of the company with high demand every annum.